A total of 42 projects are now signed up to the United by Birmingham 2022 programme ©Getty Images

United by Birmingham 2022, a community programme launched in the build-up to the next Commonwealth Games, has welcomed more projects on board to take the total to 42.

The programme, which started in March, is designed to recognise not for profit community projects that are in line with the visions and missions of the Commonwealth Games.

Twelve projects were involved when the scheme was launched, with a further 21 coming on board in June.

A further 12 have now signed up to take the total to 42.

The latest additions to the scheme include a project that encourages dance as a recreational activity, a project that supports young people in developing, running and growing a business and a youth club that offers multi-sport activities and a space to improve social and mental well-being.

"Once again, I’ve been blown away by the inspiring community projects operating in the West Midlands, so many of which focus on improving the health, well-being and skills of our young people," said Commonwealth gold medallist in netball for Team England Ama Agbeze, who is a United by Birmingham 2022 ambassador.

"I think it’s important that these initiatives get the recognition they deserve and a chance to demonstrate the impressive impact they’re having.

"It’s great to see that, following these nine additions, the United by Birmingham 2022 programme is now supporting more than 40 brilliant projects."

Everyone Can Dance is among the latest projects to sign up for the United by Birmingham 2022 programme ©Getty Images
Everyone Can Dance is among the latest projects to sign up for the United by Birmingham 2022 programme ©Getty Images

Projects that improve skills, offer training and development, provide volunteering resource, benefit the environment, encourage sport participation or deliver youth engagement activities are eligible to join the programme.

Successful projects can use the United by Birmingham 2022 logo as part of their communications, at events and as a means of promoting their activities.

"It’s been fantastic to see so many outstanding local projects working hard to make a difference to their community," said John Crabtree, Birmingham 2022 chair.

"Since launching United by Birmingham 2022 earlier in the year, we’ve welcomed so many worthwhile projects and these nine new additions are no exception. 

"Our aim is to shine a light on these projects and support them with raising their profile in the communities in which they operate and beyond."

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games are scheduled to take place from July 28 to August 8, with the dates of the event moved back by 24 hours in June, because of what organisers called "significant impact to the international sporting calendar caused by COVID-19."