lee pearson_25-10-11In June, I was injured during a training session falling from one of my horses. This has kept me on the sidelines and out of the saddle for a few months, costing me selection for the 2011 European Championships in September this year, which was unfortunate.

After I fell I thought I'd just sprained my back but an MRI scan showed that I had actually fractured three vertebrae and crushed a fourth. It took over eight weeks for me to recover and I've only just started training again. I'm noticing that my fitness is somewhat lacking as a result. I've slowly been building back up to my normal routine. Even when I'm at the peak of fitness I still have some aches and pains so it's been tough.

I use the team physio to prepare for competition and whilst I've been injured, the horses have been exercised by my staff, which is a bit like "remote control" riding - I use a microphone and stand on the ground watching! This is particularly important so that I'm involved in the general progression and training of the horses.

I'm part of the BT Storytellers project, which has gathered 100 members of the public to tell their stories about the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

lee pearson_and_luca_25-10-11
I had two BT Storytellers meet me at my stables a few weeks back. It was great to meet them both and for them to watch me ride. The Storytellers filmed and took photos throughout the afternoon and we even did a short interview, which features on the BT Storytellers website. I really think it's important that the history of London 2012 is recorded and this is why the BT Storytellers project is such a great thing to be a part of. It will be the people's Games, something that won't happen again in my lifetime. I think it's great that we have this opportunity before London 2012 to ensure our stories as athletes are told.

In terms of my preparation for London, it will be quite strange not to have to prepare the horses for flying abroad and I'll actually be preparing as if it's a national competition. The pressure from the media will be a challenge; I have to remember that I'm there to do a job.

The Paralympic stands should be packed out for the first time and home support is at an all-time high, which will be great. Paralympic athletes are becoming household names as people begin to understand that it isn't easy to win a gold medal.

The day before a competition my routine will vary depending on which horse I ride. I would normally exercise each horse, ensuring they are stretched, supple, and ready to work. My new horse, which has been sourced through the Lady Joseph Charitable Trust is a spotted Knabstrupper stallion called Lucas (pictured). He really is a beautiful horse and stands out a mile away. He still has a long way to go before next year and needs a lot of technical training but his personality is just fantastic, I hope he retains that. All of my horses are treated like any other, they are hacked out every week and are turned out in the paddocks every day, and they're not wrapped up in cotton wool like many people might think.

lee pearson_at_bt_british_olympic_ball_25-10-11
I attended the BT British Olympic Ball recently, which was a great evening. It was held at Kensington Olympia where the Olympia Horse Show is held near to Christmas every year, it was quite a change in scenery!

The Grand Hall looked fantastic everyone got dressed up and had a wonderful evening in anticipation of the Olympics next year.

Nine-time Paralympic champion Lee Pearson is a BT Ambassador.  BT is the official communications services partner for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Lee will be telling his London 2012 story through the BT Storytellers campaign here.