The WFDF has released its gender equity toolkit ©WFDF

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has published the first edition of its gender equity toolkit, following approval by the organisation's Women in Sport Commission.

The project, led by Alicia Lui, has been funded by the WFDF Development Programme, supported by funding from the International Olympic Committee.

"Gender equity - the process of giving fair treatment to all individuals based on their needs, interests, experiences, irrespective of gender - is crucial to ensure everyone can participate and enjoy disc sports fully around the world," said WFDF Women in Sport Commission chair Caroline Malone.

"The WFDF tournament directors toolkit provides tournament Organising Committees with information about gender equity, along with practical ideas to stage events that are more gender equitable.

"There are also strategies that everyone in the community can use to achieve better gender balance, as well as handy checklists, and a quiz at the end."

WFDF's new toolkit will look for gender equity in the sport ©WFDF
WFDF's new toolkit will look for gender equity in the sport ©WFDF

The WFDF has been proactive in recent months during the COVID-19 pandemic, deciding to host its virtual Congress in this month as well as releasing new teaching guidelines for ultimate frisbee.

It also recently joined the United Nation's Sports for Climate Action Framework.

"WFDF's strategic plan for 2019-2024 sets the achievement of more gender equity as a top priority goal," added WFDF President Robert Rauch during the governing body's Virtual Congress.

"Improving gender equity in flying disc sports will take time and patience.

"Taking a step-by-step process to specifically define what gender equity means and initiating conversations about it within our community, and then, implementing a deliberate and actionable strategy to promote it, should set us on the path to more fully achieving our goal."