The event in South Korea took place amid strict COVID-19 measures ©AWF

The 2020 Korea National Spring Weightlifting Championships were successfully held over eight days with strict COVID-19 measures in place.

Competition took place in-person in Seochun, Chungnam with 466 athletes taking part.

Every lifter was checked for fever when they arrived at the competition and they had to use hand sanitiser before they entered the venue.

Masks were compulsory in the competition hall apart from when lifts were in progress.

Only one athlete and one coach was allowed in the warm-up area at any time, and no food and drink could be shared.

The competition also took place behind closed doors with no fans present.

Masks were compulsory at the event in Seochun ©AWF
Masks were compulsory at the event in Seochun ©AWF

Attendees included Choi Sung Yong, the Korea Weightlifting Federation President who headed the Organising Committee.

Choi is also a vice-president of the Asian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) and the President of the East Asia Weightlifting Federation.

"Since early 2020 most people have been in the unstable situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including our beloved sport," the AWF said.

"Therefore, this was a good sign to see our friends could restart the competition again this year."