One of Asics' new paired of Tokyo 2020-themed shoes ©Asics

Sports equipment manufacturer Asics has released two new lines of apparel officially licensed by Tokyo 2020 ahead of the postponed Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The first of these is titled "EDO MOJI" and features five sets of black shoes for endurance running and casual wear.

They all follow the same theme of being influenced by the traditional lettering styles of previous Asics lines.

The "Novablast" shoe features gold lining with a small touch to the five colours of the Olympic rings, while "Glideride" and the "GEL-Quantum 360 TYO" follow similar styles, but are different types of running shoes.

Two pairs, the "GEL-PTG" and "GEL-Lyte III OG", are both more casual footwear.

Some of the black Tokyo 2020 running and leisure shoes ©Asics
Some of the black Tokyo 2020 running and leisure shoes ©Asics

Asics' second line prominently showcases the colours of the Olympic rings as yellow, green, blue, red and black all appear on a white canvas.

This bright capsule is called the "MULTI CROSSING PACK" and features the Tokyo 2020 logo heavily.

Its "GEL-Quantum 360 TYO" is in stark contrast to its dark counterpart in the EDO MOJI line, featuring all the colours of the Olympic rings as strips criss-crossing over the shoes.

There is also the "GEL-Quantum 90" sandal and a children's "LAZERBEAM" line of shoes available for purchase.

MULTI CROSSING PACK also features a multi-coloured t-shirt and backpack.

Asics, a Japanese company, is also making Japan's kit for Tokyo 2020, as it did for Rio 2016.