Wrestling webinars have averaged viewers of around 160 people since June ©Getty Images

United World Wrestling (UWW) has said its webinars, that launched in June, have been a success with more than 40 being delivered since.

These have been delivered by the development department across several languages, attracting viewership from all five continents.

"Though the pandemic has proven to be challenging in a number of ways, the wrestling community has shown resilience," said UWW development director Deqa Niamkey.

"These are challenging times but we have managed to engage coaches, referees and national federations on a weekly basis with highly renowned experts to keep our community motivated and learning best practices.

"We are grateful to be part of this growing wrestling family and we look forward to having everyone back on the field of play."

There has been an average of 160 total viewers per webinar, while Spanish-speaking webinars have been the most-watched, averaging almost 200 viewers per session.

Webinars for referees have also taken place over the past month ©Getty Images
Webinars for referees have also taken place over the past month ©Getty Images

The Refereeing Commission has also launched a webinar series with eight airing since June 22 and another four rescheduled before the end of the summer.

There will be translations of the videos available in Russian, French and Spanish posted to the UWW starting July 30.

These new webinars will be posted every Thursday in Russian, French and Spanish.

"UWW education webinars have offered the referee community all over the globe not only a convenient and modern way to learn and upskill on wrestling matters, but also an opportunity to stay again in touch during this difficult period of time, which has been much appreciated," said UWW Refereeing Commission President Antonio Silvestri.

Current webinars have covered multiple aspects of refereeing, from basic skills to detailed analysis of actions and throws, intended to assist referees in learning and preparing for their return to officiating.