Juan Ángel Napout saw a request for early release turned down ©Getty Images

Former FIFA vice-president Juan Ángel Napout has been denied a request for compassionate release from prison, after he contracted coronavirus.

Napout tested positive for coronavirus last week, but has been asymptomatic.

He requested a transfer to home confinement due to the circumstances.

Napout has claimed his age, hypertension and anxiety increases his risk of developing complications from coronavirus.

United States District Judge Pamela Chen ruled that Napout should remain at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Miami.

"If circumstances change that tangibly demonstrate some serious risk of dire consequences or in themselves constitute a life-threatening event, that could well justify a compassionate release," Chen said, according to the Associated Press.

"But now based on the record I have before me, I find that the request is based on speculation that is not sufficient.

"Even accepting that data, the risk is still low according to the data that we have and does not to me suggest anything, thankfully, nearly as life-threatening as ordinarily gives rise to compassionate release."

Napout had initially seen a request for compassionate released turned down in April.

Lawyers for the disgraced Paraguayan official, a former President of the South American Football Confederation, had filed a motion to reduce his sentence to time served.

Juan Ángel Napout is serving a prison sentence until 2025 ©Getty Images
Juan Ángel Napout is serving a prison sentence until 2025 ©Getty Images

They had also moved to release him pending the outcome of his appeal or to serve the next six months at his condominium in southern Florida.

Federal prosecutors have strongly opposed his bail request, claiming Napout would have a high motivation to flee the country as he has "been in [prison] for a time and sees what it's like and would face the prospect of going back in should he lose his appeal".

The request was turned down by Chen in April.

Chen had ordered Napout be tested for COVID-19 earlier this month, having been quarantined with another inmate who tested positive.

Chen had previously granted an early release to Brazilian Football Confederation President José Maria Marin in March on the same grounds.

Marin was the only other official implicated in the corruption scandal to have been jailed - on the same grounds.

Napout, convicted of racketeering conspiracy and two counts of wire fraud conspiracy in August 2017, is due to remain in prison until August 2025.