Exalton host László Palik handing over a cheque to assist organ transplants in Hungary ©HPC

The Hungarian Paralympic Committee (HPC) and the Hungarian Ergometer Association (HEA) have organised a charity auction for the benefit of the Hungarian Organ Transplant Association.

Joining the cause were athletes including two para-kayak champions, as well as the likes of kickboxer Gabriella Busa, BMX rider Zozo Kempf and basketball player Péter Kiss.

These athletes competed on reality television extreme sports show Exatlon Hungary and also competed on rowing machines provided by HEA to further raise money.

Their results were then exchanged into the Hungarian Forint (HUF) currency to give additional support to transplanted athletes.

The auction gave the winners an opportunity to have dinner with the athletes in the future.

Gábor Horváth, left, is a two-time Olympic champion in sprint canoeing ©Getty Images
Gábor Horváth, left, is a two-time Olympic champion in sprint canoeing ©Getty Images

With the bidding beginning on Monday, the highest offer was HUF 500,000 (£1,285/$1,630/€1,420), with two-time Olympic champion kayaker Gábor Horváth adding a further HUF 50,000 (£130/$160/€140) and the HPC providing a grant for another HUF 100,000 (£260/$330/€285).

Speaking of the cause, László Szabó, Chairman of the HPC said: "The joy and community experience of sporting performances is not the prerogative of healthy people, it can and does fit with physical or mental impairment in athletes in a wide variety of sports. 

"This is now a special situation where aid organisations support aid organisations, to which the Paralympic Committee also contributed with the offered support."

The final sum received was handed over by Exalton host László Palik to the vice-president of the Association of Hungarian Organ Transplants in the form of a cheque.