A new teaching guide for ultimate has been released ©Getty Images

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has published a new e-book which aims to help teachers coach the sport in schools.

Ultimate at Schools Programme Teacher's File has been written by José Amoroso and includes 139 pages of teaching materials for the flying disc sport ultimate.

This includes the rules of the sport, aspects such as catching and throwing and the "spirit of the game" sportsmanship concept.

"It is a great pleasure to present this first e-book issued for school and university teachers on the flying disc sport of ultimate, which we hope will help spread the knowledge about our sport around the world," said WFDF President Robert Rauch. 

"The book, originally published by José Amoroso in Portuguese and now translated to English, is proudly supported and published by the World Flying Disc Federation as part of our Development Programme, funded with the cooperation of the International Olympic Committee.

"This book is a powerful tool to provide teaching professionals around the globe with the skills to teach both the techniques of ultimate as well as the important principles of the 'spirit of the game'.

"It will offer various curriculum levels and an introduction to the other flying disc sports, and we are confident that it will give a boost to flying disc in schools and universities and help young athletes in more countries in the world to play ultimate."

It is hoped the guide will help spread the knowledge of the sport around the world ©Getty Images
It is hoped the guide will help spread the knowledge of the sport around the world ©Getty Images

Amoroso heads the WFDF University and School Sports Commission and is also President of the Portuguese Flying Disc Federation.

"Writing this e-book arises from my passion for disc sports and the need to bring the #frisbeelifestyle to young people through physical education and sport professionals," he said.

"In Portugal, there was a need to take disc sports to schools and the book fulfilled those needs. 

"In this way, we increased the modalities and the acceptance by the Ministry of Education and Sports Council. 

"We were able to establish important protocols with partners such as the Olympic Committee of Portugal and also with institutional partners that have supported us in the dissemination and access to schools. 

"We hope this e-book will help students, physical education teachers, associations and federations to create new future goals around what we are passionate about."

The e-book can be found here.