Rainer Senoner, right, has been re-elected unanimously ©Saslong Classic Club

Rainer Senoner will continue as chairman of Saslong Classic Club, the organiser of the International Ski Federation (FIS) Ski World Cup event in Val Gardena in Italy, for the next four years.

He was unanimously elected by the Board, expressing confidence in the 53-year-old.

"It is a great honour and pleasure to continue to lead the Saslong Classic Club," Senoner said.

"Together with the executive board, I would like to continue on the path we have taken and work to improve our structure.

"At the same time, i will do my best to ensure that the Val Gardena races remain on the FIS calendar.

"Year after year we have to give our best, remain active and cautious to continue to be part of the World Cup family. 

"The first thing we have to do is to start contractual negotiations with our partners to finance our races."

The other members of the Board are Marcello Cobelli, Thomas Wielander Damiano Dell'Osbel, Horst Demetz, Moritz Demetz, Daniela Holzknecht, Igor Marzola, Manuela Perathoner, Werner Perathoner and Monika Runggaldier.

The Board members of Saslong Classic Club will organise the 2020 World Cup event ©Saslong Classic Club
The Board members of Saslong Classic Club will organise the 2020 World Cup event ©Saslong Classic Club

The Board will lead the World Cup Committee of Val Gardena going forward.

Senoner also spoke of the pain associated with cancelling the 2019 FIS World Cup downhill event due to inclement weather. 

"It was so painful because all December until the beginning of the race week we had perfect conditions all over Val Gardena and we were very well prepared, but unfortunately, we are helpless in front of heavy snowfall like the one we experienced in mid-December.

"At the same time, I would like to point out that it was already almost a miracle if we managed to finish a downhill training session and the super-G race in these conditions.

"So once again I would like to thank FIS race director Markus Waldner and of course my team for their excellent work."

There is also a new Auditors Board, comprised of Ivo Senoner, Thomas Weissensteiner and Hans Peter Perathoner.

Saslong is scheduled to host its next World Cup event in December, with a super-G race set for December 18 and downhill on December 19.