Members of Puro Surf, a surfing academy in El Salvador, have helped distribute meals to families in need ©ISA

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has highlighted surfers acts of kindness as part of an annual occasion designed to promote the sport.

Previous celebrations as part of International Surfing Day have featured activities including paddle outs and beach clean-ups, but as a result of the coronavirus pandemic the focus of the occasion has changed.

The ISA has instead used the opportunity to highlight surfers who have gone the extra mile to help in their communities during the crisis.

Examples of surfers who have gone above and beyond are ISA Scholarship winner and SUP competitor Tanvi Jagadish who volunteered to help with food packing distribution and cleaning beaches in India.

Meanwhile in El Salvador, Puro Surf, the surf academy of ISA course presenter Marcelo Castellanos, has organised for members of the local surfing community to distribute meals to those in need.

Another initiative in South Africa has seen Shuan Solomons, a surfing coordinator, provide food to the community of Vrygrond with a team of young surfers. 

Elsewhere Colombian prosurfer Simon Salazar has been collecting donations to help families affected financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Costa Rican surfer Jair Perez volunteered to help families suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic ©ISA
Costa Rican surfer Jair Perez volunteered to help families suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic ©ISA

There have been similar acts of support provided in Costa Rica where Jair Perez, who has competed in the ISA World Championships and Venezuela, where former professional women’s surfer Adriana Cano, have answered calls for help to feed families in need.

Surfing fans around the world are being encouraged to join in with the festivities by sharing celebrations and stories on social media using the hashtags #ISD20, #InternationalSurfingDay, and #ABetterWorldThroughSurfing.

"International Surfing Day this year has taken on even more importance and is not just a chance to celebrate our sport, but to recognise the generosity and gestures of kindness from the surfing community across the world," said ISA President Fernando Aguerre.

"The pandemic has disrupted so much of our normal way of life and with many countries still facing challenges with the virus, the togetherness and strength shown by communities to help those most in need throughout this period was inspiring to see.

"However, we are still far from the end, and the commitment that these surfers have shown to making a better world will continue to be a great asset in their communities moving forward.

"The stories of surfers tirelessly supporting people most in need are a testament to the values and ethos embodied in surfing. 

"They are a credit to our sport and we are immensely proud of their efforts which speak to our mission of A Better World Through Surfing."