IWRF chief executive Steve Griffiths has focused on communication with members ©IWRF

International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) chief executive Steve Griffiths has said the governing body is looking to maintain effective communication to keep member nations involved in important decisions.

Griffiths said that due to the IWRF's low budgets, it must instead look to market itself as best it can and allow members to be part of discussions.

"The best service that we can provide as an international sports federation with limited funds is effective communication," he said.

"There are a number of initiatives being explored. 

"Board member Martin Richard and myself are working on a framework to establish the IWRF narrative and brand positioning before identifying the necessary communication methodologies.

"Together with the President, Richard Allcroft, I met with the Paralympic qualified nations. 

"All eight nations attended and the feedback was positive."

Griffiths also spoke of an open communication with other member nations who wished to speak to the IWRF, with 21 countries involved in discussions on May 25.

He added: "We want to hear our member nations' views so we can provide the services that are required.  

"Member nations are encouraged to identify issues for the agenda the next time we meet."

The IWRF have also formed a Medical Advisory Group to produce a return to train and play protocol, subject to national Government legislation, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This response came after multiple member nations asked if a policy was being considered.

Griffiths was announced as IWRF chief executive in March, and replaced Canada's Eron Main.