Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was among the officials to attend the launch event ©Twitter/Grand Paris MGP

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was among the key officials to attend the launch event at the construction site for the 2024 Olympic Aquatics Centre.

Hidalgo was joined by each of the main partners associated with the project in the French capital.

The visit was led by Metropolis of Greater Paris President Patrick Ollier and Laurent Rivoire, the vice-president delegate for sports.

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet, Saint-Denis Mayor Laurent Russier and Vincent Roger, the special delegate of the region for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, were among other officials in attendance.

The launch of the project comes three weeks after Bouygues was approved as the company responsible for the construction of the Aquatics Centre.

Bouygues, associated with Dalkia-EDF and Recrea, were chosen as the preferred tender to construct and run the facility over a project led by Vinci Construction France.

Bernard Mounier, deputy chief executive of Bouygues Construction, represented the company at the launch event.

Hidalgo claimed the project will be associated with economic recovery efforts following the coronavirus pandemic.

"This project is directly contributing to the economic recovery of the country," Hidalgo said, according to La Journal du Grand Paris.

"The construction site of the ZAC Plaine Saulnier, of which the Olympic Aquatic Centre is a part, started on March 3.

"It constitutes a formidable leverage effect which accompanies the economic recovery of the metropolitan territory after the health crisis that the country has just experienced."

The project will see the construction of a venue 30 metres high and 100m in length and width.

The building will have a curved shape and wooden surface, with the swimming pool set to be 70m in length.

A mobile platform will allow for the swimming pool to be separated, allowing for two pools with the size and the depth being adaptable.

It is claimed the mobile platforms could also allow for three pools, with two 25m lengthwise and the third in the width direction.

The facility is expected to have a capacity of 6,000 people during the Games, with artistic swimming, diving and water polo set to take place at the venue.

The pool will be 50m in length for artistic swimming and water polo events, with the diving pool being 22m by 25m.

Temporary 50m pools will be set up by Paris 2024 at the venue during the Games for the swimming competitions, with plans for 15,000 spectators to attend.

French architecture firm Ateliers 2/3/4 and Dutch agency VenhoevenCS worked on the design.

Bouygues will be responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of the Olympic Aquatic Centre and the crossing for pedestrians and cyclists adjacent to the A1 motorway.

The venue's design is claimed to be built on green principles, with partners saying it will make the sport accessible after the Games to both the public and for the organisation of international competitions.