Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet acknowledged a "shift in approach" due to the coronavirus pandemic ©Getty Images

Organisers of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have acknowledged a "shift in approach" as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

At a virtual meeting with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission today, Paris 2024 organisers said their new approach was partly as a result of a letter from IOC President Thomas Bach in April, when he called on the Olympic Movement to "look more closely at the proliferation of sports events" in future.

The IOC said following the meeting they believed Paris 2024's preparations were "innovative and responsible", while they also used the meeting to express to organisers their sympathies for the challenges faced by France as a whole.

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet echoed Bach's sentiments following the IOC President's letter, calling for all parties involved in delivering Paris 2024 to look for "creative and sustainable optimisations", a vision supported by the Coordination Commission.

Paris 2024 organisers gave examples of measures they had already introduced towards this goal, including reducing the number of beds required in the Olympic and Paralympic Village from just over 17,000 down to 14,000.

Speaking following the meeting, IOC Coordination Commission chair Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant said: "The coronavirus situation has impacted everyone around the world, and our sincere thoughts are with all those affected, particularly in France, which has been hit hard. 

"This makes Paris 2024’s continued progress over the past few months incredibly inspiring.

"Paris continues to illustrate its determination to deliver an innovative and responsible new model for the organisation of the Games. 

"The postponement of Tokyo 2020 to 2021 and the call from our President to look to ‘further strengthen the sustainability and feasibility reforms of Olympic Agenda 2020 with a new phase of the New Norm’ provide the impetus for all stakeholders to take that ambition even further. 

"We look forward to exploring more opportunities and breaking new ground in preparing Games for the future."

Paris 2024 organisers said today their altered approach was partly influenced by earlier comments from IOC President Thomas Bach ©Getty Images
Paris 2024 organisers said today their altered approach was partly influenced by earlier comments from IOC President Thomas Bach ©Getty Images

Paris 2024 President Estanguet added: "The Coordination Commission meeting is always a privileged time with Commission members. 

"This moment of exchange allows us to present our latest advances, to challenge and enrich our project in contact with experienced Commission members. 

"Despite the current context, it was important for us to maintain this time of exchange in order to present the latest advances in our project.

"From the start, our common purpose has been to create the Games of a new era - Games that are responsible, sustainable, socially conscious, and open for everyone to take part. 

"The current context and the unprecedented crisis we are experiencing means we need to go even further in the directions we choose together. 

"We are pleased to know that we can once again count on the support of the IOC and International Paralympic Committee and the members of the Coordination Commission in the construction of a new model of Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Organisers updated the Commission on the status of Games-related construction projects, with the Commission passing on their congratulations for the awarding of contracts for two Olympic venues to Bouygues in recent weeks, and the start of demolition works on the site of the Olympic and Paralympic Village.

Bouygues have been awarded contracts to construct Arena Porte de la Chapelle, a venue that will host the badminton, Para-taekwondo and Para-badminton, as well as the Aquatic Centre, which will host artistic swimming, diving, water polo and swimming.

Paris 2024 organisers also covered the status of the Paralympic Games, the progress of a number of other venues, the unveiling of Paris’ new emblem, the launch of the Terre de Jeux 2024 initiative and the Club 2024 project, as well as giving updates on its legacy and sustainability plans.