By Tom Degun

Judging_Panel_choosing_the_Rio_2016_Paralympic_Games_emblem_25-06-11June 23 - The judging panel that will select the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games emblem have begun their meetings to evaluate the design proposals presented by Brazilian agency Tatil Design de Ideias, the company that designed the logo for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The Commission is formed by 12 members selected by the Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games based on their expertise in brand development and approval or in Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The group includes Rio 2016 chairman Carlos Nuzman, Rio 2016 chief executive Leonardo Gryner and President of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB) Andrew Parsons.

The meetings will see explanations on the criteria, the points system and the judging procedure, as well as presentations on the briefing received by Tatil and the design proposals.

Proposals will be assessed on concept, originality, creativity and applicability.

Recognising the breadth of the process that selected Tatil among 139 Brazilian companies to create the Rio 2016 Olympic Games logo, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) decided to assign the same agency to develop the Rio Paralympic Games emblem.

Tatil has been given a 100,000 reais (£39,700/$63,700) contract to design the logo, develop related manuals and the launch event itself.

The actual process of developing the Rio 2016 Paralympic emblem started even before the selection of Tatil.

In November 2010, the IPC promoted a branding workshop for the Organising Committee, sharing its expectations and other information on Paralympic Movement.

Once the design agency was chosen, in late April, the Organising Committee launched a careful internal creative process, which included a series of meetings and briefings attended by Tatil, Paralympic athletes, the three levels of government, the IPC and the CPB.

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