FIBA Africa has been holding online refereeing courses ©FIBA

International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Africa has conducted courses online to help referees during the coronavirus pandemic.

The continental body has 67 referees from six countries who took part in the second phase of courses led by FIBA referees instructor Mathurin Nguessan.

Participants came from Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon, Madagascar, Mauritius and the Republic of Congo.

"It gives the chance to newly admitted FIBA Referees Instructors to establish a first contact with a fairly large group of national referees and to share their experiences with them," Nguessan said.

"This e-learning is also a big opportunity for young referees to reinforce their capacity from their different places of residence.

"They will be able, as soon as the domestic leagues are authorised by the different countries to implement what they have learned while waiting for the face-to-face training courses that FIBA Africa will organise in the future."

Upcoming online sessions are expected to focus on substitutions and timeouts, as well as throw ins and out as well as the rules and regulations surrounding player injuries.

Referees will also be given guidance on the block charge, travelling, duties of the chief crew and how to handle the last two minutes of a game.

FIBA Africa are among the many sporting organisations to have turned to virtual alternatives to continue to provide platforms during the coronavirus pandemic.