The FASANOC Voice of the Athletes programme is set to take part in the IOC Stay Strong campaign ©FASANOC

The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee's (FASANOC) Voices of the Athletes (VOA) programme is set to take part in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Stay Strong campaign. 

The VOA programme will take inspiration from the Stay Strong campaign on June 23, originally the date for this year's Olympic Day Run.

This was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the athletes are hoping to still share Olympic values in other ways. 

"We are encouraging our members who have not only represented the country in sports but also are role models in their communities, to come up with ideas on how we can continue to spread these values and which platform would be the best," said VOA coordinator Jeegar Bhasvar.

"Social media like Facebook and Instagram is being used by a lot of athletes to share tips on healthy living and at home workouts so we are looking at something similar."

The IOC Stay Strong campaign aims to help people around the world get through the pandemic together. 

Examples include a 24-hour digital Olympic workout which is set to be held on June 23.

This will be in addition to the separate initiatives held by National Olympic Committees such as FASANOC. 

"This will be a first for Fiji and we are looking forward to the creativity of our members," said Bhasvar. 

The VOA programme is funded by grants from the IOC and the Oceania National Olympic Committees and received a 2018 IOC Olympism in Action trophy in January.