Matt Carroll praised all associated with the AOC for their work against COVID-19 ©Getty Images

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has acknowledged the work of its Olympians in their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many athletes have been working in healthcare during the crisis, while sponsors have been assisting through funding.

Member Federations have also assisted by making sport more accessible for people at home.

AOC chief executive Matt Carroll said he is proud of the work being done across the country during the lockdown, and looked ahead to the eventual return to sport.

"Olympic athletes, their sports and our partners have shown great commitment and spirit to help lift the community during this time as the country stares down this crisis," Carroll said.

"Olympians like Rachael Lynch, Paul Adams and many others are on the front line as medical workers, our member sports are working with their athletes, staff and community to get through these uncertain times and keep sport accessible for the community, and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and state institutes have been providing vital advice and information to ensure athletes and sporting groups have stayed safe.

"The AOC is fortunate to have partners that not only support our Olympic athletes, but have devoted time, energy and practical assistance to the Australian community.

"The AOC is grateful to work with partners who have stepped up in the face of this crisis.

"Thank you for your support for not only Australian Olympians but the Australian community."

Carroll added that there are hopes to resume sport in Australia soon, and he thinks the resumption of competition can help communities across the country.

"We also understand that we must stick at it when it comes to our social distancing protocols and the Return to Sport Framework the AIS has laid out," he added.

"Australians have shown great patience and resolve, so now is not the time to rush, we need to keep sport and our community safe."

Double Olympic canoeing medallist Jess Fox spoke of her fellow athletes who are working during the period.

"There are so many athletes doing incredible work, like Jo Brigden-Jones, Georgie Rowe and so many others on the front line – it's inspiring seeing them throw themselves into something so important," she said.

"This is so much bigger than sport, and it's uplifting to see the Olympic family contribute to the community, from Toyota making face shields for front line workers to trying to keep people engaged and healthy while being safe at home."

To date, there have been more than 7,100 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia, resulting in the deaths of 102 people.