Liz Johnson is a three-time Paralympic medallist ©Getty Images

Paralympic swimming champion Liz Johnson has launched a job website for people with disabilities, branded "PodiumByTAP", to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Johnson, who won gold at Beijing 2008 in the women's SB6 100 metres breaststroke, launched the new platform on May 21.

Johnson also won a silver medal at Athens 2004 and bronze at London 2012.

The British businesswoman's goal is to connect people with disabilities to employers, giving bosses the opportunity to hire them for freelance projects.

After creating a profile, users will have access to job postings and be able to identify suitable roles.

"Persons with disabilities are the masters of working from home and are probably the ones who have adapted best to the current lockdown situation impacting many countries around the world," Johnson said, referencing that the project is being launched amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Ultimately, I think this platform offers a whole range of opportunities for active Para-athletes and those who have retired from sport who are looking to earn revenue and get their foot in the door with an employer."

The program branches off from The Ability People, which Johnson is the co-founder and managing director of.

Chelsey Gotell, who chairs the International Paralympic Committee Athletes' Council, added: "In the Paralympic Movement we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of outstanding individuals like Liz Johnson, who contribute to a more inclusive society through the integration of people with disabilities into the workforce.

"This programme is a game changer for Para-athletes in their career development outside of sport. 

"This is one of the tougher ongoing conversations that can be overwhelming for many athletes to consider; their career will eventually come to an end and they are looking for opportunities to expand their skill set and grow professionally beyond the field of play. 

"As a global programme with no limitations to where a freelancer can work from, it has the ability to give Para athletes the flexibility to confidently explore the workforce and develop their skills alongside organisations and companies who believe in everything this programme and many of our athletes stand for.”

Of the 7.9 million people in the United Kingdom of working age with disabilities, only 53.2 per cent are in employment, compared to 81.4 per cent without disabilities, according to figures from the House of Commons.