The THF admit the coronavirus pandemic has interrupted projects ©THF

The Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) has confirmed several of its projects have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, but said it was "heartened" by refugees continuing to keep active through taekwondo during the crisis.

The THF Board met over teleconference yesterday, with a focus on their projects for 2020.

It was reported there had been significant disruption to the THF’s existing projects in Jordan, Rwanda and Turkey, as the respective refugee camps remain under quarantine.

"The global coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the THF, like it has organisations all around the world," said Chungwon Choue, THF chairman and World Taekwondo President.

"With many refugee camps under quarantine, our THF projects are on hold and new projects are delayed.

"However, this awful global pandemic will not stop refugees from training.

"We have been heartened to see so many refugees keeping active through taekwondo.

"It is a reminder of the universal accessibility of taekwondo and its power to bring people joy and health benefits no matter where they are and what the circumstances are."

The THF Board voted in favour of holding a peace forum next year ©THF
The THF Board voted in favour of holding a peace forum next year ©THF

The THF said it is working hard to ensure that young refugees continue to keep active to protect their physical and mental health, with coaches sending videos to allow them to train when they cannot provide on-site coaching.

The THF also shared information on a joint education project by the foundation, World Taekwondo and partner International Federations.

Resources will be allocated from the programme to develop a toolkit that will keep refugees engaged and help them to maintain their mental health.

The THF Board has agreed to renew the THF projects in Jordan, Turkey and Rwanda and to start projects once the global restrictions have passed, but no earlier than the next Board meeting in November.

A decision was also taken to hold an inaugural World Taekwondo and THF Peace Forum.

The forum will be held in Wuxi in 2021, alongside the next edition of the World Taekwondo Championships.

The event will coincide with the 40th anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Peace, which was endorsed by the UN in 1981.

THF and World Taekwondo will invite partner IFs to the forum, along with other high-level officials.