The CGF Athletes Advisory Commission has launched a new strategy ©CGF

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Athletes Advisory Commission has launched a new strategy.

CGF claims the new strategy outlines the commitment of the Athletes Advisory Commission to ensure Commonwealth athletes are inspiring leaders, agents of change, advocates for integrity and ambassadors for respect.

It focuses on four key pillars, with the first being the delivery of inspirational sporting moments.

The second is to nurture a powerful sporting movement, while the third pillar is to activate transformational partnerships. 

The fourth pillar is the realisation of the collective impact of the Athletes Advisory Commission.

"The new CGF Athletes Advisory Commission strategy is hugely important as it clearly outlines how athletes will play a leading role in shaping all Commonwealth sports movement decisions," Rhona Toft, who chairs the CGF Athletes Advisory Commission, said.

"Our Commission is focussed on supporting our athletes as inspiring leaders across the Commonwealth while looking to ensure an unforgettable Commonwealth Games journey and experience for every competitor from every nation.

"The Commission is hugely excited about working with all Commonwealth athletes to ensure their voice is heard at the decision-making table and the new strategy provides a fantastic roadmap to help us achieve our key objectives."

CGF Athletes Advisory Commission chair Rhona Toft claimed the new strategy was
CGF Athletes Advisory Commission chair Rhona Toft claimed the new strategy was "hugely important" ©CGF

Scottish hockey player Toft played at three Commonwealth Games - Kuala Lumpur 1998, Manchester 2002 and Melbourne 2006.

The Athletes Advisory Commission was established at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and serves as the key link between athletes and the CGF.

It features seven distinguished athletes who represent the six regions of the Commonwealth.

"The launch of the new CGF Athletes Advisory Commission Strategy is an exciting and important moment for the Commonwealth sports movement," CGF President Dame Louise Martin said.

"The work here will help ensure that athletes who participate in the Commonwealth Games have the best possible journey to the Games and an unforgettable experience that will stay with them forever while inspiring others.

"For many Commonwealth athletes, the Games are the absolute pinnacle of competition and that is why having a strong link between athletes and the CGF through the Commission is so important.

"The strategy outlines how the Commission will help us grow as an athlete-centred, sports-focused movement that is fully aligned to our values of humanity, equality and destiny."