Canoe Kids has been launched on the ICF website for children ©ICF

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) has launched a page on its website dedicated to children, aiming to keep young athletes entertained and active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With many nations under current social restrictions, outside activity has been scaled back around the world.

"Canoe Kids" has now been created by the ICF to help children keep busy during the crisis, and features suitable activities for kids of all ages.

This includes colouring in for toddlers and quizzes, bib designs and puzzles for older children.

The page will continue to be updated regularly with new activities, with the ICF also asking children to send their work to them so some of it can be posted on the website.

The site will also educate children on the different types of canoe disciplines, encouraging them to try some of them out when they return to action.

The initiative was created in partnership with British Canoeing and the Scottish Canoe Association.

There are three levels of difficulty for challenges, including word searches and spot the difference puzzles.

The ICF recently cancelled and postponed numerous events for May, June and July, with no indication as of yet as to when sport will return.