Move United sees DSUSA and Adaptive Sports USA merge ©Move United

Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA) and Adaptive Sports USA have joined together under the new name of Move United, to deliver disability sports across the United States.

Move United will be launched in 43 states and will offer 100,000 youths and adults with disabilities the opportunity to participate and compete in more than 50 adaptive sports.

Its goal is to expand to more communities, with the aim of being available locally to 90 per cent of the US population by 2028, when the Olympics and Paralympics will return to the nation in Los Angeles.

A Facebook Live announcement will be made on Thursday (May 7), detailing the merger and movement information at 3pm eastern time.

Glenn Merry, the executive director of Move United, spoke about the ambitions of the new organisation.

"There is nothing like the power of sport," he said.

"Sport makes us more, physically, mentally and socially.

"That is true for people with and without disabilities, but often today's youth and adults with disabilities have few opportunities to participate.

"Move United intends to change that by growing our network of 200-plus community-based adaptive programmes and challenging limits.

"Our vision is to redefine how society views ability."

Move United is a member of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and will provide a range of nationwide programming, including recreational and competitive adaptive sports and training.

Susan Rossi, the former executive director of Adaptive Sports USA, spoke about the positives of the merger.

"The merger makes Move United the pipeline for athletes with disabilities to not only learn adaptive sports but to compete at the highest levels," she said.

"The nation's best and most prominent adaptive sports competitions, including the Move United Junior Nationals, will be supported through Move United and these competitions will provide greater opportunities for athletes aspiring to compete at the state, regional, national and international levels.

"With the heart and soul, history and expertise of this network, we are thrilled to have a unified voice and collective goal moving forward."

Both organisations were originally formed by military veterans during the Korean and Vietnam wars, with Move United now the largest nonprofit provider of adaptive sports to injured veterans.