The FIAS Executive Committee have approved ranks for athletes and coaches ©FIAS

International Sambo Federation (FIAS) has approved a register of qualification ranks for athletes and coaches.

The decision was approved by the FIAS Executive Committee at their latest meeting.

Seven stages have been identified for athletes, ranging from a level one rookie stage through to a level one master category.

The level one stage will see white stripes feature on an athletes’ belt, with the second and third stages having yellow and orange respectively.

Levels four and five will be distinguishable by green and blue stripes, while master candidates will have a brown stripe.

A black stripe will feature on the belt of level one master athletes.

The stripes are expected to be attached onto belts of blue and red.

FIAS said this would signify an athlete's title, but would not conflict with sambo's basic red and blue uniforms.

Stripes will be added to the blue or red belts to outline an athletes rank ©FIAS
Stripes will be added to the blue or red belts to outline an athletes rank ©FIAS

The decision to introduce coloured belts was initially approved back in 2018 by the FIAS Executive Committee.

The Russian sport did not have a colour-system in place to rank its athletes according to their ability, unlike other combat sports where progression from a beginner's white belt to a master's black belt is commonly seen.

The FIAS Executive Committee also approved the introduction of stripes on clothes, which will highlight the level of coaches.

A level one coach will be distinguished by a square, while level two has a pentagon.

A level three coach will have a circle on their clothes.