The Olympic Museum may be able to reopen in June ©Getty Images

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is expected to reopen in June as the Swiss Federal Council announced plans to ease restrictions in the country.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the closure of the Olympic Museum for two weeks last month, as fears over the spread of coronavirus grew.

The decision came as the Swiss Federation Council closed schools, followed by a further closure of bars, shops and other places for gatherings.

Social distancing measures were also introduced.

The Swiss Federal Council announced a three-stage plan aimed at easing the restrictions last week.

Under the current plans, hairdressers and garden centres will be among the businesses able to reopen from April 27, with schools following on May 11.

Museums will be permitted to reopen from June 8, along with higher education establishments, libraries and zoos.

Measures could be reintroduced should the number of cases rise in the country.

“Following the announcement by the Federal Council, museums will be allowed to reopen from June 8,” The Olympic Museum tweeted.

“The Olympic Museum should, therefore open its gates as quickly as possible and as slowly as required.

“We are looking forward to welcoming you in good shape.”

Switzerland has reported more than 28,000 coronavirus cases since the outbreak began.

The country has recorded over 1,500 deaths.

The number of new cases in Switzerland has steadily declined in recent weeks, with just 205 reported yesterday.

Over 2.6 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide since the outbreak began, resulting in more than 186,000 deaths.