The International Sambo Federation has launched a scheme to preserve its heritage ©FIAS

The International Sambo Federation (FIAS) has formed the "Let's Keep the Sambo History Together" initiative in a bid to preserve the Russian martial art's heritage.

According to FIAS, the sport boasts "a colourful and rich history" and they feel "compelled" to pass memories down from generation to generation.

A dedicated website has now been set-up for people to submit their photographs and videos.

The collected work will form the basis of a "Museum of Sambo" which is planned at the International Sambo Center in Moscow.

"Many sambo wrestlers keep their private photo and video archives featuring various competitions, training sessions and camps, awards ceremonies and other events," FIAS said. 

"This could be photos of team-mates, teams, or a snapshot taken in a gym or in a huge arena. 

"Or could it be footage of a municipal-level tournament, regional competition, or international championships?

"These could be your personal photos and videos, or you might have inherited them.

The International Sambo Federation has called for pictures and videos ©Getty Images
The International Sambo Federation has called for pictures and videos ©Getty Images

"Each such piece of history is of great value for the entire global sambo community. 

"The International Sambo Federation calls for preserving the history of sambo for the present and the future. 

"If you possess any archive photos or videos related to sambo, please share them with FIAS by submitting them at a dedicated page on the official FIAS website.

"Let's keep the sambo history together."

The names of people who submit the material will be documented, alongside the people featured in the videos and photographs.

The link for submissions can be found here