A sambo project helps disadvantaged children in Ukraine ©FIAS

A sambo project is up-and-running in Ukraine to teach the martial art to children living under challenging life circumstances.

The "Sports for All" programme allows both boys and girls to practice the sport and learn life skills.

It remains in operation despite the lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic, as coaches have been training the youngsters online.

Top sambo stars are involved including Vladislav Rudnev, a world and European champion.

World and European medal winner Dmitry Evdoshenko and national combat sambo coach Sergey Grabovsky are others to have taken part.

The project has stretched to 10 different Ukrainian municipalities. 

"The quarantine is in, yet the training goes on as scheduled," said National Sambo Federation of Ukraine President Vadim Rogach.

"Nothing should keep us from the implementation of this socially important programme. 

The project has continued online during the coronavirus lockdown ©FIAS
The project has continued online during the coronavirus lockdown ©FIAS

"Moreover, modern technology allows us to give classes remotely. 

"So in Kramatorsk, the training sessions take place twice a day: at ten in the morning and at four in the afternoon. 

"Thus, the girls who participate in the project earnestly follow the requirements. 

"A special set of exercises has been developed for them. 

"We provide not only physical activities, but my trainees were also given the task to compose verses about sambo.

"Chances are some of them will decide to send their compositions to the contest that is now announced by the National Sambo Federation of Ukraine. 

"I wish to stress that we constantly communicate with our colleagues from the police, as well as with the federation leadership. 

"I am confident that the virus will not stop us in this righteous deed."