Two brothers have earned black belts through the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation ©World Taekwondo

Two brothers have become the latest to earn their black belts at the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) Academy at the Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan.

Eleven-year-old Othman and eight-year-old Reda successfully completed tests at the Prince Rashid Hall in Jordanian capital Amman.

They have been practicing at the Academy at Azraq for nearly a year after being encouraged by their father, who is passionate about the martial art.

Eleven black belts have now been produced by the camp, which is home to refugees who have fled the conflict in neighbouring Syria.

World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue announced plans to form the THF in his speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, on the 2015 International Day of Peace. 

It works to teach the sport to refugees and displaced people around the world.

Reda has earned his black belt at eight-years-old ©World Taekwondo
Reda has earned his black belt at eight-years-old ©World Taekwondo

"Thanks to the construction of the Taekwondo Centre in the Azraq refugee camp, where the brothers live, they have been able to receive taekwondo coaching and have quickly excelled in the sport," a World Taekwondo statement said. 

"Both now regularly practice taekwondo when they return home each day.

"Reda said he felt strong after putting on his black belt. 

"Othman said the moment he received his black belt would remain in his memory. 

"He also said he would continue training and participate in upcoming tournaments and competitions."