Schoolchildren marked the milestone by creating the number six ©Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 has celebrated six-months-to-go before this year's Paralympic Games by holding an event at a school in the Japanese capital.

More than 100 pupils at Ariake-nishi Gakuen elementary school in Tokyo's Koto ward held up pink cards to display the number six.

Japanese long jumper Chiaki Takada, who has qualified for her home Paralympics, was also on hand to teach a "special experience class" to the youngsters.

The visually-impaired athlete is hoping to win Paralympic gold this year, and was joined by her sighted guide Shigekazu Omori.

Someity, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic mascot, was another to attend the event.

Japanese long jumper Chiaki Takada attended the event ©Getty Images
Japanese long jumper Chiaki Takada attended the event ©Getty Images

The Paralympics are scheduled to take place between August 25 and September 6.

It is hoped that they will lead to a change in attitudes towards disabled people in Japan, and better accessibility.

Ticket demand has been high with International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons predicting the Games will be a sell-out.