Indonesia wants to build a new world class training facility ©Getty Images

The Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) has announced ambitious plans to build a "world class" training centre on the outskirts of Jakarta to aid their bid for the 2032 Summer Games.

KOI President Raja Sapta "Okto" Oktohari said that once finished, the new facility would be a key part of their vision.

Indonesia formally entered the bidding race for 2032 in February, after hosting the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang in 2018.

"In the near future, the construction of this facility will be commenced," Oktohari told Xinhua

"We have to move from now. 

"We will coordinate with the Government on the plan to build the world class facility."

Oktohari added that talks with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about the bid would be "intensified".

KOI met with IOC President Thomas Bach last month, who has previously welcomed the country's interest.

Several areas in Jakarta have reportedly been pinpointed as potential sites for the new training base, which Indonesia hopes to use to improve its international performance.

Indonesia's Olympic bid comes after their staging of the 2018 Asian Games ©Getty Images
Indonesia's Olympic bid comes after their staging of the 2018 Asian Games ©Getty Images

It would complement the venues used at the 2018 Asian Games, with Oktohari claiming the bid would be sustainable.

Money from the Government and the private sector has been earmarked to pay for the facility.

Oktohari also noted that the base would have to be built in an area safe from flooding.

Sixty-six people have died this year due to flash flooding in Jakarta and its metropolitan area.

A further 60,000 people were displaced.

Jakarta, which has more than 30 million people in its metropolitan area, is said to be "sinking" faster than any other major city in the world.

Indonesia has announced plans to move its capital away from the city. 

Rivals for the 2032 Games include Queensland, Shanghai and a potentially historic joint bid between North and South Korea.