The Lausanne 2020 Village was furnished in one day by 850 volunteers ©Lausanne 2020

The Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games Village was furnished in one day by 850 volunteers.

Named the "Vortex", the building will host athletes and their delegations, with all athletes being housed under the same roof at the Youth Olympic Games for the first time. 

Volunteers gathered the day after the Vortex was inaugurated, when the keys to the building were handed over to the Lausanne 2020 Organising Committee by the pension fund of the State of Vaud.

Supervised by 50 coaches provided by IKEA, a partner of Lausanne 2020, the volunteers set about assembling the Swedish brand's furniture to equip over 900 rooms.

A large team had been working to distribute the 26,000 packs of furniture throughout the building, facilitating the the furnishing of the Vortex over such a short period of time.

"The Lausanne Olympic Village, of which Vortex will be the central venue, is coming to life and preparing to welcome the young athletes and their companions in January," said Ian Logan, Lausanne 2020 chief executive.

"It is extraordinary to see the enthusiasm and commitment generated by this project, since its inception only two years ago. 

"The passion of all these local actors allows us to create exceptional conditions for the athletes who will join us in January. 

"Thank you to all the volunteers and partners who joined forces with the Lausanne 2020 teams this weekend for their invaluable help."

To tie into Lausanne 2020's commitment to sustainability, Vortex has been established as a long-term investment for the youth, which will assist the demand for student housing in the region.

There are plans for the Vortex to welcome around 1,000 students, staff and academic visitors of the University of Lausanne from summer 2020.

The 27-metre-high building has a ring-shaped construction, consisting of 712 units, spread along a one per cent sloped, 2.8 kilometre spiral ramp.

The Winter Youth Olympic Games will take place from January 9 to 22, with 1,880 athletes from 70 countries.