Typhoon Hagibis has been a major headache for Rugby World Cup organisers ©Getty Images

While Typhoon Hagibis is stressing out Rugby World Cup organisers, a spread-betting firm could also be counting a heavy cost.

Sporting Index is facing a six-figure payout, as the Japan Rugby 2019 Organising Committee cancelled two matches this weekend due to the impending weather chaos.

The games involving England and France (Pool C) and New Zealand and Italy (Pool) B have been cancelled, with both teams awarded two points as part of a 0-0 draw.

This has a major effect on many of Sporting Index's long-term markets, including total tournament points, tries and shirt numbers - the aggregate of every try scorer's shirt number.

These long-term markets have to be settled in accordance with the company's rules, counting the official results as 0-0.

For sellers, who bet lower on tournament markets, this is great news.

However,  it's not so good for buyers, who bet higher.

The Japanese are stocking up as Typhoon Hagibis edges closer ©Getty Images
The Japanese are stocking up as Typhoon Hagibis edges closer ©Getty Images

So, Sporting Index has taken the decision to compensate buyers of affected long-term markets with an allocation of points for these cancelled matches.

The allocation Sporting Index clients will receive is determined by the Sporting Index Rugby Trading Team who will allocate the mid-point figure that any particular market was priced up at.

For example, the England v France total points market was priced up in the Sporting Index systems as 34-37, so buyers of long-term total tournament points will be compensated with a refund on their account of 35.5 points multiplied by their stake.

Karl Suntay, Client Services Director at Sporting Index, said: "Our decision to compensate buyers in this highly unusual scenario means that sellers have had all their Christmases come at once, while buyers have been extremely well looked after.

"All markets will always be settled in accordance with the Sporting Index rule book and the decision to compensate those who have bought affected long-term markets is costing us a six-figure sum.

"Hopefully this rubber stamps Sporting Index's reputation with our clients as being known as 'Sporting by name and Sporting by nature'."

Should more matches be cancelled, Sporting Index is promising the same procedure.