FIS discussed Regulations around the banning of fluorine wax ©FIS

Regulations around the banning of fluorine wax were among the topics on discussion at the International Ski Federation (FIS) Cross-Country Executive Board meetings in Zurich.

Fluorine wax, which has been used in certain types of skis, will be banned by the European Union from the start of 2020.

Fluorine is reportedly seen to produce climate warming greenhouse gases, while concerns have also been raised over potential health risks associated with the compounds.

The Norwegian Ski Association introduced a ban on fluorine skis at under-16 level last year.

Martin Schlapbach, who works for the Norwegian Institute for air research, gave a presentation to the FIS Executive Board.

Schlapbach gave his knowledge on how to detect fluorine, while highlighting the importance the ruling would have for the sport.

"How we will deal with the upcoming regulations and the ban of the fluorinated wax is a very important matter in the years to come," he said.

"It is our duty to ensure fair conditions for all cross-country competitions around the globe.

"We also have a great public responsibility, ensuring that FIS Cross-Country remains healthy and clean."

The FIS World Cup season was confirmed at the meeting in Zurich ©Getty Images
The FIS World Cup season was confirmed at the meeting in Zurich ©Getty Images

The FIS Executive Board said they would look to find a suitable solution for athletes and organisers to increase prize money in the coming years.

A request had been made by athletes to investigate how to raise further prize money.

The Executive Board also approved restricted course access times for this season’s World Cup circuit.

Discussions were held over ensuring the Nordic Junior World Skiing Championships could be more manageable for organisers.

This included a review of the competition schedule.

The FIS say their cross-country committee believes under-23 events should remain part of the programme.

A potential solution, aimed at easing costs and logistics for organisers, was to leave under-23 15 kilometre and 30km mass start events from the programme.