The University of Western Australia are among the pilot participants ©FISU

Pilot universities in the International University Sport Federation (FISU) Healthy Campus project have praised the impact of the initiative.

The project was launched by FISU on September 20 last year, the International Day of University Sport.

The programme is aimed at providing universities worldwide with guidelines and tool kits to ensure the well-being and healthy lifestyle of their students.

Seven universities are taking part in the pilot, with FISU hoping knowledge will be shared between different establishments.

A "FISU Healthy Campus Label" will be awarded to campuses in recognition of their efforts.

The University of Western Australia are among those involved and are looking to meet the criteria required for the FISU Healthy Campus Label.

"The University of Western Australia has been really pleased to work alongside FISU on this pilot project," said Ian Fitzpatrick, from the University of Western Australia.

"It has stimulated many positive interactions on campus between colleagues and opened up communication and awareness between all the areas of the University that have a role to play in providing a healthy campus.

"We are currently looking through the draft criteria.

"We are really pleased to see our university has a positive approach in many of the identified areas.

"Equally, we have also been able to see opportunity for improvement or attention in others."

Seven universities are taking part in the pilot project ©FISU
Seven universities are taking part in the pilot project ©FISU

FISU hope that the project will lead to students living a healthy lifestyle.

The pilot universities have expressed hope that the Healthy Campus label will boost their international visibility and continue to drive standards.

FISU say the next step on the project will be to fine tune the standards.

The organisation will also create a final definition of the toolkit, following an evaluation of case studies received from the pilot universities.

Pilot universities include the University of Lausanne in the Olympic capital, where FISU are based.

The University of Johannesburg, the University of Turin, La Matanza in Buenos Aires, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and Peking University are also involved.

FISU plan a full-roll out of the scheme in January after it is fully up and running at the pilot universities.