Camilo Pérez López Moreira hopes to help the ITF reach its commercial potential to support development of the sport ©Getty Images

Camilo Pérez López Moreira has vowed to help the International Tennis Federation (ITF) increase its resources and development funding, should the International Olympic Committee (IOC) member be elected to the governing body's Board later this month.

Pérez, who was elected as an IOC member last year, has served as President of the South American Tennis Confederation (COSAT) for the past six years.

The former junior tennis player is one of 34 candidates standing for 14 places on the ITF Board, which will be determined on September 27 in Lisbon.

The ITF Annual General Meeting will also see the election of the governing body's President.

Pérez told insidethegames he viewed it as a personal challenge to help the ITF develop the organisation's commercial arm, which he believes will in turn trigger greater support for the development of tennis throughout the world.

The Paraguayan believes he can help the ITF create greater strategic alliances with different brands, organisations and companies to strengthen the governing body.

He also suggested a marketing department should be developed to work in collaboration with the ITF Marketing Commission to help achieve these aims.

Pérez was among the public supporters of the controversial changes introduced to the Davis Cup last year by ITF President David Haggerty.

The changes saw the tournament move away from the tiered World Group format to a week-long event.

He remains positive about the changes, asserting it is important to "keep tradition but adapt to how the world of sport is evolving".

Camilo Pérez López Moreira is supportive of the changes made to the Davis Cup ©Getty Images
Camilo Pérez López Moreira is supportive of the changes made to the Davis Cup ©Getty Images

He also believes greater cooperation between the ITF, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women's Tennis Association (WTA) is necessary to ensure the sport reaches its full potential.

"We need to create one tennis family," he told insidethegames.

"A challenge for the ITF is to strengthen the federation and its ability to work together with the ATP and WTA.

"It is very important for us to work with the Grand Slams and the four countries that have these tournaments. 

"It is essential we have a good relationship with them.

"We also need to continue making the Davis and Fed Cup tournaments more important and attractive. 

"This would be really good to secure more resources which would be used to promote development of the sport.

"We need to grow, strengthen and build our resources, but these resources must go back into development."

Pérez believes his experience sitting on the IOC's Programme Commission can help the ITF, as he would be able to provide information which can help the organisation adapt to new trends and challenges within sport.

He also admitted there remain challenges facing athletes competing on the Challenger Tour and development circuits and called for greater involvement of players to fully understand their needs.

"I think there is currently a distance," Pérez said. 

"We need to address this to bring people closer and have an understanding of what professional and development players think.

"It is important to get the professionals and listen to them. 

"They have made it to be professionals because they are diligent and working hard to do everything to succeed.

"But we also need to hear from the ones who are trying to achieve that aim.

"This information will be essential to create actions to improve the sport."

The ITF Presidential election will be the main focus in Lisbon on September 27.

Haggerty will seek a second term as ITF President, but the American faces competition from India's Anil Khanna, an ITF vice-president who lost to the American by eight votes in the 2015 election, Ireland's Dave Miley and the Czech Republic's Ivo Kaderka.

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