The Panam Sports Executive Committee stayed at the Lima 2019 Village ©Lima 2019

The Panam Sports Executive Committee stayed overnight at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games Village ahead of the start of competition here. 

The group had breakfast and dinner at the Village, also trying out the gym and other facilities.

They stayed at the complex alongside the athletes and Chefs de Missions that had already moved in, in preparation for the start of sporting action today. 

"We are very happy to have lived this experience," said Panam Sports President Neven Ilic.

"My entire Executive Committee was able to live the experience of staying in this beautiful Pan American Village. 

"Many of them have been Chefs de Missions, others were sleeping in the Village the same way more than 6,700 athletes will during the Games for the first time in their life."

The Village is located in Villa el Salvador, an area on the outskirts of the Peruvian capital.

Consisting of seven towers, it will be home to 7,902 people in 1,096 apartments during Lima 2019.

“I believe this was an excellent initiative of our President Neven Ilic," said Panam Sports Vice President, Mario Moccia.

"The food quality is excellent, we chatted with the Chefs de Missions and the athletes. 

"The Village is the heart of the Games. 

"Everything is good but the climate is pretty cold.

"But it was an excellent experience, we are leaving here very happy and look forward to the start of the Pan American Games that we hope will be a success."

The Panam Sports Executive Committee continues to meet here with the General Assembly taking place tomorrow. 

Sporting action began today in the preliminary rounds of the beach volleyball and handball. 

The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to take place at Estadio Nacional del Perú on Friday (July 26).

Athletes will compete in 39 sports until August 11.