Dave Miley has unveiled his manifesto for President of the International Tennis Federation ©Dave Miley

International Tennis Federation (ITF) Presidential candidate Dave Miley has told incumbent David Haggerty that he has "had his chance" to run the organisation and it is time for change as he stepped up his campaign to replace the American by releasing his manifesto here today.

The Irishman claims the ITF has become "fragmented" during Haggerty's four-year stint at the helm and said relations with the players and with the four Grand Slams had plunged under the President's tenure.

Miley outlined the creation of a joint men's and women's World Championships to be held every two years, the establishment of an ITF chairman role and doubling the value of what he calls the "global tennis market" as key aims if he is elected President.

The former executive director of tennis development at the ITF said he would work towards devising a Davis Cup format which "better respects the tradition of the competition" as he criticised changes to the tournament approved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Orlando last year.

He cast doubt on the amount of power and influence investment group Kosmos, which was founded by Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique to fund the new Davis Cup competition and signed a 25-year licensing deal with the ITF to the tune of $3 billion (£2.3 billion/€2.6 billion), will have in the process.

The way the Fed Cup was revamped was also raised as a concern by Miley after it was agreed without approval of the AGM.

Budapest was last week announced as the host of the Fed Cup Finals for the next three years as the ITF revealed a “World Cup of Tennis” format, which will see an increase from eight competing nations to 20.

Miley, who has run an aggressive campaign to date, also reignited his war of words with Haggerty by claiming he had broken election rules through his employment of consultants Jon Tibbs Associates to run his bid for re-election.

The Irish official claims Haggerty is in breach of the candidate rules by enlisting the services of JTA, who had previously worked for the ITF.

The regulations state candidates should "not receive individual or special support or services from the ITF, or ITF staff, including any consultants, agents or advisors engaged by the ITF".

Miley said he had written a letter to the ITF Ethics Commission yesterday asking why it had not begun an investigation but did not provide any evidence here regarding the alleged breach.

JTA has insisted Haggerty has not broken the rules and said it had ended its relationship with the ITF before beginning its work with Haggerty.

In response, Haggerty told insidethegames: "JTA started working on my election campaign after they were unsuccessful in a competitive communications tender issued by the ITF. 

"JTA's contract with the ITF ended on 31 May 2019. 

"The allegations made by Mr Miley are a matter for the independent ITF election panel.

"I will continue to follow the ITF ethics election guidelines, including not making any negative comments about other candidates."

Miley, who worked for the ITF for 25 years before his departure in 2015, reiterated his belief that the candidacy rules favour the incumbent but said he would "not be stopped" by the regulations.

"These sort of things are wrong and more and more is coming out and more and more nations are waking up to the fact that they smell something," he said.

Among Miley's other pledges should he unseat Haggerty as President include improving the standard of the ITF World Tennis Tour, the umbrella name for all former pro and junior circuit tournaments which the ITF claims "will serve as the player pathway between the junior game and the elite levels of professional tennis".

He described the structure as a "disaster" for the players.

The Irishman has also launched a website dedicated to his campaign ©Dave Miley
The Irishman has also launched a website dedicated to his campaign ©Dave Miley

Miley has vowed to hold a World Tennis Summit in the first half of next year and promised to conduct a "thorough analysis" of the amount of staff working for the ITF in a bid to slash costs.

His proposed World Championships would be held every two years and are designed to generate further revenue for the worldwide body, he claims.

Miley also dismissed concerns over whether there is room for a new competition considering the congested nature of the tennis calendar.

Establishing a chairman of the ITF Board was cited as another key pledge by Miley, who believes this will "guarantee greater accountability and ensure the ITF operates with improved transparency".

The vote is due to be held at the ITF AGM in Lisbon on September 27.

India's Anil Khanna, an ITF vice-president who lost to Haggerty in the 2015 election by eight votes, and Czech Republic's Ivo Kaderka are also standing.

Miley's full manifesto can be read here