ISSF_ShootingOctober 18 – The "best shooting competition ever" drew a record worldwide television audience of almost 600 million, it has been claimed.

"The 2010 ISSF World Championships, held in Munich in July and August, recorded the highest numbers of TV viewers of any other shooting competition," an independent audience-monitoring company stated, after measuring television coverage of the event held in Munich in August.

"Five hundred and ninety million people watched shooting on TV, and video footage of the Championship was made available to a potential audience of more than two billion people during the 10 competition days," the company added.

More than 140 hours of TV were produced on site, and 450 broadcasters all around the world aired video clips of the championships.

International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) President Olegario Vazquez Raña said the numbers were reached thanks to the incredible efforts the ISSF put in to the production of the event to deliver "the best shooting competition ever".

The coverage and viewership were reached thanks to the collaboration between the ISSF, the Eurovision and some of the most important sport video-magazines, which distributed video highlights of the championship all around the world, ISSF officials claimed.

International networks, national television stations, cinemas, airplanes and more then 450 broadcasters, from Oceania to North America, from Africa to Asia, requested and obtained live feed, videos, highlights, interviews and summaries of the championship and, as a result of it, more than 140 hours of TV were aired during the 10-day event, the ISSF said.

There was full coverage of the championship was guaranteed on the ISSF website, and the 15 Olympic events were broadcast live with English commentary, and more than 50 video clips were made available on-demand.

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