David Haggerty's President position paid $642,000 in 2017 ©Getty Images

The four men vying for the Presidency of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) are aiming for a post that paid $642,000 (£511,000/€573,000) in 2017.

Accounts for an ITF subsidiary called ITF Licensing (UK) Limited disclose that aggregate remuneration of the highest-paid director amounted to $642,000 (£511,000 /€573,000) in 2017, down from $722,000 (£575,000/€645,000) the previous year.

The accounts name two directors, including ITF President David Haggerty.

The ITF has confirmed that the American is the highest-paid director.

Haggerty, who succeeded Italy's Francesco Ricci Bitti in 2015, is facing three challengers in his bid for a second four-year term.

They are Anil Khanna from India, who lost out by just eight votes when Haggerty was elected four years ago, Ivo Kaderka from the Czech Republic and Ireland's Dave Miley.

The decisive vote is scheduled for September 27 at the ITF Annual General Assembly in Portugal.

David Haggerty says he has donated bonuses to tennis' development fund ©Getty Images
David Haggerty says he has donated bonuses to tennis' development fund ©Getty Images

Haggerty has promised to continue increasing the ITF's development funding if re-elected.

He says that he donated his own bonus to the development fund in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and would do so again this year.

At the last election on September 25, 2015, held in the Chilean capital Santiago, Haggerty was elected on the second ballot with 200 votes against 192 for Khanna.

Two European candidates – René Stammbach from Switzerland and Juan Margets from Spain – were eliminated on the first ballot.

According to the ITF, the President's remuneration is benchmarked against other federations.

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