The International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation met in Austria ©IBSF

The delegates and coordinators of the disciplines and racing series of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) have met at the body's headquarters in Großgmain, Austria.

Bobsleigh delegate and World Cup coordinator Jos Mattli was joined by skeleton representative Michael Grünberger and development coordinator Manfred Maier.

More coordinators in the form of Nicola Minichiello, North American Cup and Intercontinental Cup North America, Peter Hell, Europe Cup Bobsleigh, Roland Gruber, Europe Cup Skeleton and Intercontinental Cup Europe and Kristaps Kotans, Para sport, also attended, as did assistant coordinator Gatis Guts.

Nicola Minichiello attended the meeting ©Getty Images
Nicola Minichiello attended the meeting ©Getty Images

The officials presented their 2018-2019 reports to secretary general Heike Größwang and discussed preparations for the upcoming season.

Also on the agenda was the the development programme for 2019-2020, operational plans for juries and material controllers, changes in IBSF rules proposed by commissions and the schedules of each event.

The next meeting of the delegates and coordinators is due to take place ahead of the start of the new season.