Russian pair Mayya Gurbanberdieva and Aleksandr Maltsev won the mixed free duet event at the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series in Beijing ©FINA

Canada added two more titles on the last day of competition to increase to six their gold medal tally in the fifth leg of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) Artistic Swimming World Series in Beijing.

Jacqueline Simoneau, who had won or helped win all four previous gold medalss for Canada, added a fifth with Claudia Holzner in the duet free routine, topping the standings with 89.8667 points.

Charlotte and Laura Tremble of France and Oleksandra Burdova and Anna Nosova of Ukraine were second and third, respectively.

Canada’s concluding title came in the team free final where, performing the Mechanism of Time, they earned 89.1333 points, beating France, who scored 88.2000 points, and Ukraine, who totalled 85.9667.

"It is our last performance, since we have been competing for five weeks in a row," said Holzner.

"We were very pleased with our performance today and in general at the China Open.

"We will try our best to qualify for the Olympic Games at the World Championships and also in the subsequent Pan American Games."

In the mixed free duet final, Russian pair Mayya Gurbanberdieva and Aleksandr Maltsev secured victory with 92.9667 points.

They were followed by Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini of Italy on 90.3333, with Atsushi Abe and Yumi Adachi of Japan beating China to the bronze medal with 88.0000 points.

"I wish the mixed events can be introduced into the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, so I can have a chance to compete at the Olympic Games," said Maltsev.

"I hope all the male swimmers can push this issue and make it come true."

The hosts ended up with just two gold medals in Ying Tung Natatorium, which hosted water polo at the 2008 Olympic Games, winning the free combination and team technical routine.

The sixth leg of the FINA World Series is due to be held in Greensboro in the United States, starting on May 24.