The FIH has announced improvements to its anti-doping system ©Getty Images

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has announced improvements to its anti-doping system on the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) Play True Day.

Play True Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of clean sport among athletes and sports fans.

FIH has marked the day by revealing improvements to its anti-doping system, necessary due to the increased profile and competitiveness of the FIH Pro League.

The number of in-competition tests are to increase by 50 per cent, with athletes in the Pro League available to be tested in a six-month window between January and June. 

The out-of-competition programme is also being improved with the previous registered testing pool programme, devised for individual sports, being replaced by a more appropriate team testing protocol. 

National squad athletes can now be tested out of competition throughout the year. 

Face-to-face anti-doping education will be delivered at a number of FIH events.

The FIH Series Finals in Malaysia and Japan will see the FIH and the local National Anti-Doping Organisation create an education booth for athletes to ask questions about anti-doping procedures. 

An information booth demonstrating the athlete anti-doping education programme will be present at the Pro League grand final in the Netherlands in June. 

FIH will continue its athlete education system, which requires every athlete who participates in an FIH event to complete an online anti-doping module devised by WADA. 

Prior to each event, athletes and team managers must confirm they have completed the module within the past two years.

“We are proud of our position as one of the top federations for anti-doping and want to remain at the top when it comes to being a clean sport," said Jon Wyatt, FIH Sport Director.

“I wish to acknowledge and thank the FIH for participating in Play True Day," added WADA’s director general Olivier Niggli.

"Every year, more countries and sports organisations join the campaign and are helping to turn Play True Day into a truly global event.

"This worldwide momentum shows how together, we can create a world where the clean athlete prevails and where athletes choose to stay clean out of self-respect, fairness to their fellow competitors, and for the pure joy that sport brings.”