Lausanne 2020 and Paris 2024 signed a collaboration agreement in Paris today ©Lausanne 2020

A collaboration agreement was signed in Paris between the Organising Committees for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne and the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the French capital. 

The agreement focuses on the sharing of expertise and good practice, with the aim of ensuring these two events are as efficiently organised and innovative as possible.

The ceremony took place at the Delivery Partners Meeting, involving the Lausanne 2020 President Virginie Faivre and chief executive Ian Logan, along with Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet and chief executive Etienne Thobois.

This collaboration falls in line with the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Agenda 2020, which aims to encourage organisers to come together and discuss a range of subjects with a view to optimising organisation of the Games.

According to a Lausanne 2020, the agreement was "a natural step for the two Organising Committees who, in addition to being close to each other both geographically and culturally, share a number of values and ambitions".

 The release added that several of the events for Lausanne 2020 - ski jumping, biathlon and Nordic combined - will be held on French soil, in the Jason Lamy-Chappuis stadium in Les Tuffes, part of Les Rousses ski resort in the department of Jura.

The agreement is built around four main themes.

There will be technical cooperation involving the Games’s services, legacy, sustainable development, social commitment and innovation.

Lausanne 2020 and Paris 2024 will each support the other’s actions with regard to civic engagement and education.

Paris 2024 will also help promote Lausanne 2020 in schools in the Jura and other departments on the French/Swiss border, namely by celebrating Olympic and Paralympic Week.

Collaboration will make it easier for the two Committees to share their experience and skills in terms of human resources and volunteers, it is claimed. 

Finally, each Organising Committee will promote and increase the visibility of the other’s event.

The signing of this agreement comes eight months after an agreement was signed between Paris 2024 and Tokyo 2020, and follows on from the work already embarked on with Los Angeles 2028.

"There are a lot of exciting changes happening at the moment within the Olympic Movement," said Faivre.

"This momentum, the primary aim of which is to improve the way the Games respond to the requirements of the host communities, is a positive thing.

"We are very proud to be able to contribute to the organisation of Paris 2024, and we are delighted to be able to benefit from the expertise that they offer in fields that are important to us, such as youth training, innovation and sustainability.

"I would like to thank Tony Estanguet, Etienne Thobois and their teams, as we are delighted to be able to work with them."

Estanguet responded: "It is a real pleasure to embark on a new collaboration with our friends and neighbours from Lausanne 2020.

"We are proud to work with other host cities, the IOC and the IPC in this new organisational approach, which is more collaborative and more of a partnership.

"Our friendship, our closeness and the vision we share with Lausanne 2020 on important topics such as sustainability, the environment and civic engagement, made this collaboration a natural step."