World Para Powerlifting will support WADA's Play True Day tomorrow ©WADA

World Para Powerlifting, which has a reputation for being the dirtiest sport on the Paralympic programme, has announced its support for the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Play True Day tomorrow, emphasising its commitment to sport which is clean of doping, it claims.

Play True Day is a day devoted to clean sport and the fight against doping, and to raise awareness for the mission among athletes, coaches and spectators.

Athletes, the sport community and the public are encouraged to share their message on why they play true on social media using the hashtag #PlayTrueDay tomorrow.

"When you play true, you win true," Sherif Osman, the three-time Paralympic champion and World Para Powerlifting athlete liaison, said.

"Clean sport is very important to ensure the fair play and make the competition equal for every athlete."

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has banned more competitors in powerlfting than any other sport on the programme. 

Only last week it was announced that Kyrgyzstan powerlifter Esen Kaliev had been banned by the IPC for four years after testing positive for the banned anabolic steroid methasterone. 

World Para Powerlifting is putting its weight behind tomorrow's WADA Play True Day ©Getty Images
World Para Powerlifting is putting its weight behind tomorrow's WADA Play True Day ©Getty Images

A World Para Powerlifting release added: "All recognised competitions under World Para Powerlifting rules and regulations are conducted in accordance to World Anti-Doping Code International Standards."

"Any athlete that takes part in a World Para Powerlifting-recognised competition may be required to undergo doping control at any time like in competition, after their lifts, or out-of-competition, at training or sometimes even at home.

"A test may be a sample of blood and/or urine, which is then analysed at WADA-accredited laboratories for substances on the prohibited list.

"Additionally, when a senior world record is broken, a test is carried out on the athlete and the record is not validated until the doping control returns negative.

"World Para Powerlifting delivers a tailored anti-doping education programme named ‘Raise the Bar – Say No! to Doping’ ahead of international competitions.

"The interactive sessions are designed to educate athletes and team officials and reinforce the message of the importance of clean sport.

"They help the athletes become more aware of topics such as the prohibited list, therapeutic use exemptions, medications and supplements, and their rights and responsibilities."

Sam Munkley, World Para Powerlifting’s competition and development manager, added: "We’re dedicated to ensuring the athletes and team officials in our sport are continually educated and committed to clean sport."