International World Games Association chief executive Joachim Gossow has held talks with Chinese Olympic Committee vice-president Yu Zaiqing about Chengdu hosting the 2025 World Games ©IWGA

Chengdu, already awarded the 2021 Summer Universiade, has now launched a bid to host the 2025 World Games, it was announced today.

A delegation from the International World Games Association (IWGA), led by its vice-president Max Bishop and also including chief executive Joachim Gossow, has been inspecting the city in China famous for its pandas.

They were accompanied by Yu Zaiqing, vice-president of the Chinese Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee.

The Chinese group also included Chengdu Standing Committee member and Standing Deputy Mayor Xie Ruiwu and Deputy Mayor Niu Qingbao.

Chengdu is the only bidder and it is expected they will be officially confirmed as hosts at the IWGA Annual General Meeting in the Gold Coast on May 9. 

Birmingham in Alabama is due to host the 2021 World Games, a multi-sport event meant for sports, or disciplines or events within a sport, that are not contested in the Olympic Games.

Wrocław in Poland staged the 2017 World Games, where 3,214 athletes from 102 countries took part in 201 events in 27 sports. 

It will be the third time the World Games have been held in Asia since they were launched in 1981. 

They were held in Akita in Japan in 2001 and in Kaohsiung in Taiwan in 2009. 

Chengdu is famous for its pandas ©Wikipedia
Chengdu is famous for its pandas ©Wikipedia

Among the pledges made by Chengdu was to ensure green and environmental protection.

"Chengdu's environmental protection concept can perfectly match IWGA's philosophy," Bishop said.

"Meanwhile, the bidding team of Chengdu has been well prepared and the high-quality bidding document is really good. 

"After the inspection, we believe that Chengdu is capable of successfully hosting The World Games. 

"I feel that Chengdu is a very modern city with a good sense of space and convenient transportation. 

"It is one of the most liveable cities in the world. 

"I hope I can come here again as a traveller and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chengdu."

Chengdu was officially awarded the 2021 Summer Universiade by the International University Sports Federation at an Executive Committee meeting in Krasnoyarsk earlier this month. 

Chengdu is also hosting this year's World Police and Fire Games, due to take place between August 8 and 18.