Dilara Narin won three golds in the women's 76kg class just four days shy of her 17th birthday ©TOC/Twitter

Once again two athletes claimed triple gold in their divisions on day six of the International Weightlifting Federation Youth World Championships in Las Vegas.

With action taking place across four more divisions at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, Turkey's Dilara Narin secured a golden hat-trick in the women's 76 kilogram division and then Bulgaria's Stefcho Dimitrov Hristov managed the same feat in the men's 102kg class.

Seventeen-year-old Hristov gained his first gold in the snatch with a lift of 145kg, which saw him beat Georgia's Lasha Taktakishvili by a full 15kg.

Azerbaijan’s Ali Shukurlu, who turns 16 this year, claimed snatch bronze with a lift of 125kg.

As it turned out the top three remained the same for the clean and jerk and therefore the overall competition as well.

In the clean and jerk event Hristov lifted 170kg for gold, this time 10kg more than Taktakishvili, while Shukurlu managed 155kg for his second bronze.

Added together that meant Hristov also claimed overall gold with total lifts of 315kg.

Taktakishvili seized silver with lifts totalling 290kg, while 280kg was enough to give Shukurlu his third bronze by 20kg.

In the women's 76kg division Narin gained her first gold with a snatch of 96kg just four days shy of her 17th birthday.

That saw her top the field by 4kg, before she went on the win the clean and jerk title by 13kg with a lift of 129kg.

That effort saw her break her own youth world record. 

Combined, those two lifts gave her the overall gold as well, by 17kg in front of Armenia's Liana Gyurjyan.

As in the men's 102kg event, the top three was the same for the snatch, clean and jerk and overall events.

Gyurjyan's lifts of 92kg in the snatch and 116kg in the clean in jerk gave her three silvers, while Ecuador's Bella Nancy Paredes Arreaga, the only athlete in the field to have already turned 17, came third three times with respective lifts of 90kg and 110kg.

Elsewhere, medals were also decided in the women's 81kg and men's 96kg divisions.

In the men's event Rakhat Bekbolat from Kazakhstan won the overall and clean and jerk titles but came second in the snatch to Turkey's Onur Demirci.

While Demirci won his gold with a lift of 145kg, Bekbolat took the overall title by 8kg in front of Demirci with lifts totalling 323kg.  

The Kazakh's impressive clean and jerk of 179kg ensured that.

Overall bronze went to Mirkhosil Mirzabaev from Uzbekistan with a combined 311kg.

He finished third in both the snatch and clean and jerk as well.

In the women's 81kg event another Kazakh, Olga Pastukhova, took the overall title by just 1kg over Uzbekistan's Tursunoy Jabborova.

The Kazakh managed lifts totalling 215kg, also winning gold in the clean and jerk where she lifted 123kg.

That lift saw her beat Kabborova by 5kg, though she was second in the snatch by 4kg after the Uzbek managed a lift of 96kg.

Coming third overall was Japan's Motoka Nakajima, who also finished third in the snatch and clean and jerk.

She managed lifts of 86kg and 109kg for a total of 195kg.

The last day of the Championships is on Friday (March 15) after a rest day tomorrow.