Narinder Batra remains President of the FIH and IOA ©Getty Images

International Hockey Federation (FIH) chief executive Thierry Weil has insisted President Narinder Batra also heading up the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has not caused any problems for the worldwide governing body amid criticism over the official holding both positions simultaneously.

Weil told insidethegames that Batra manages to juggle the two roles, which some believe both warrant his full-time attention, "extremely well".

Batra was elected IOA President in December 2017 - over a year after he took over at the FIH - and has faced calls to choose between the two positions.

Veteran Irish official David Balbirnie, who stood unsuccessfully against Batra at the election in Dubai in November 2016, accused the Indian of jeopardising the organisations by running them concurrently in a letter sent to the FIH last year.

Batra was not obliged to stand down as FIH President when elected head of the IOA but cases of officials being at the helm of two major organisations in sport remain rare.

There are examples of officials doing both, however, as Uğur Erdener is President of World Archery and the Turkish Olympic Committee among a host of other sporting roles.

Narinder Batra was elected IOA President in December 2017 ©Getty Images
Narinder Batra was elected IOA President in December 2017 ©Getty Images

Concerns have grown in recent months in the hockey community regarding the amount of time Batra is able to dedicate to his FIH responsibilities as he continues to tackle issues back in India.

"You find out quickly working with Batra that his day is 24 hours and he will answer at all times of the night," Weil, appointed FIH chief executive in March of last year, said.

"There has not been a single moment where I have needed to talk to him or had a question to him where I could not reach him.

"I think he manages extremely well from a hockey perspective.

"For us, there is no let down, there is no time where you feel he is not present enough."

Batra is set to attend the opening match of the FIH Pro League, a new home and away competition, between Spain and Belgium alongside Weil in Valencia on Saturday (January 19).