The NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters event will be heading to the United States after previously being held in Great Britain ©Getty Images

NEC Corporation has extended its sponsorship of the year-end Wheelchair Tennis Masters as the information technology services company marked the 25-year anniversary of its partnership with the sport.

The NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters, an International Tennis Federation (ITF) sanctioned event, brings together the world’s top eight men’s and women’s singles players as well as the top six quad players.

The top players are chosen based on their ITF Wheelchair Tennis Rankings on October 15.

This year’s competition takes place from November 28 to December 2 at the United States Tennis Association National Campus at Lake Nona, Florida.

To celebrate the sponsorship milestone, the NEC Corporation will be donating a series of competition-ready wheelchairs to the ITF.

The wheelchairs will be provided to athletes in the ITF’s development programme, who may have limited access to specialised equipment.

“As the ITF's year-end wheelchair championship, the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters is arguably the most competitive tournament of the year as the top ranked players face their biggest rivals over five days of intense competition to decide the titles,” said ITF President David Haggerty.

“After four tremendous years in Great Britain we are extremely excited to bring this highly prestigious wheelchair singles championship to the United States and to introduce the sport to a new public.”

The President and chief executive of NEC Corporation also looked forward to the event.

“NEC is a proud developer of advanced technologies that contribute to society on a global scale and support the Sustainable Development Goals recently adopted by the United Nations for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all,” Takashi Niino commented.

“As sponsor of the NEC Masters for 25 years, we look forward to this exciting tournament once again, which in addition to thrilling championship tennis, also provides an excellent opportunity for the community to discover and engage in an inclusive sport.”