The new logo for the EuroVolley competition has been unveiled as part of a wider CEV rebrand ©CEV

The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) has launched a new logo to kickstart a re-brand that will be rolled out over the next few months.

The new logo design was launched at an event held here at the Várkert Bazár in Budapest and attended by representatives from the eight co-hosts of the men's and women's 2019 European Volleyball Championships and other guests of honour.

The event opened with an interpretative dance inspired by the host countries and a parade of the flags of the 56 nations in the CEV.

Alphabet, a Leeds and Manchester based design agency, had been tasked with the redesign of the logo and it was their strategy director, Mike Robinson, who revealed the new look.

A specific crest had been made for the EuroVolley competition.

This was then tailored to the hosting countries of the men's and women's competition, with each country represented by a colour in the logo. 

"EuroVolley is key to CEV and with the roll-out we needed a brand that could adapt for each event," Robinson said. 

"Therefore, using the flag and colour concept, we created the mother brand and then a specific version for each event next year. 

"It is bold and brave and is about engaging new people and growing the volleyball community."

CEV President Aleksandar Boričić added: "At CEV we recognised it was time for a change and we now have Alphabet as a partner who are bringing new ideas, including the EuroVolley logo, new energy to European volleyball."

The women's 2019 EuroVolley event is taking place in Turkey, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary from August 23 to September 8 while the men's competition will take place in The Netherlands, France, Slovenia and Belgium from September 12 to 29.

The rebranding of EuroVolley is set to be part of a wider rebrand to the whole of European volleyball, which will be rolled out over the next few months.