Calgary 2026 could receive a boost if Federal Government funding is confirmed ©Calgary 2026

Calgary 2026's prospects could be handed a boost by higher than expected Federal Government funding but the spending of up to CAD$1.75 billion (£1 billion/$1.3 million/€1.1 million) is dependent on provincial and city support.

The Calgary Herald have stated the Canadian Federal Government have voted in favour of providing increased backing, with an official announcement expected next week.

It is claimed the City of Calgary and the Provincial Government of Alberta would need to pledge the same combined total as the Federal Government to receive the funding, however.

The second condition would be a positive outcome at the November 13 plebiscite in Calgary.

The Government of Alberta pledged CAD$700 million (£408 million/$537 million/€464 million) in funding should Calgary host the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics earlier this month.

The City of Calgary is reportedly expected to commit less than CAD$500 million (£296 million/$380 million/€333 million).

It would mean the combined Alberta and Calgary figure would be $1.2 billion (£700 million/$900 million/€800 million), which would be reciprocated by the Federal Government.

With CAD$3 billion (£1.8 billion/$2.3 billion/€2 billion) required by Calgary 2026, the combined city, Provincial and Federal figure would be $600 million short.

It has been suggested that the revelation of the Federal Government contribution could be an attempt to encourage the Government of Alberta to raise their own contribution.

Their current backing was claimed to be CAD$300 (£174 million/$230 million/€198 million) shy of the figure initially hoped for by organisers, although this has been disputed.

The Government of Alberta have claimed they do not plan to change their commitment.

"We don't plan to increase or change the financial commitment we've made," Cheryl Oates, spokeswoman for Premier Rachel Notley, told the Calgary Herald.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has claimed discussions over funding remain ongoing.

"We were surprised to see this number reported for a proposed federal contribution to a potential Calgary 2026 Olympics as negotiations are still underway," Nenshi was quoted as saying.

Campaign group NoCalgaryOlympics have claimed that the latest funding news leaves "crucial concerns" as the plebiscite approaches.

"The commitment is to match the combined Provincial and municipal funding," the group said.

"With the provincial funding at $700 million, and 'not a penny more', the City would have to more than double its initial estimate of $500 million in order to realise the full, Federal match.

"Mayor Nenshi has publicly stated that $800 million in City funding would be a 'no' vote.

"The leaked Federal funding terms combined with the Province's firm, maximum contribution puts the City at $800 million to reach the required $3 billion in public funding needed to host the Olympics in 2026.

"If the Federal Government funding details do not cover cost overruns, then City Council will also have to say 'no'.

"City Council unanimously agreed to the principle that Calgarians would not be on the hook for cost overruns.

"The information available to date puts this unquantifiable risk squarely on Calgary taxpayers as dictated by the International Olympic Committee's Host City contract."

Calgary is one of three candidates remaining in the race for the 2026 Winter Olympics, alongside a Milan and Cortina D'Ampezzo bid from Italy.

Stockholm also remain in the race, but the Swedish capital's hopes remain in the balance with no City Council backing in place.